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Mechanical Watch: Knowing How it Works

The mechanical watch differs from the electronic quartz watch which is common today. A mechanical watch has various parts. A mechanical watch can be said to have two major parts. The first part is the outer part comprising of the hand and the face, while the second one comprises of the internal system. The internal system is usually referred to as the movement. The major internal components found in every mechanical replica watches uk include; 1 Mainspring: It is the source of power for the mechanical watch. It assumes a spiral shape. The spring is made of periodic windings. This compares to modern electronic quartz watches which derive their power from a battery. 2 Gear train: It enhances the normal mobility of all the three hands that indicate the different units of time i.e. the hours, minutes and seconds.

It links the mainspring and the center wheel which oscillates because of the force transferred from the mainspring by the gear train. The third function of the gear train in a mechanical watch is enabling the user to adjust the settings of the hour, minute and the second hands. This adjustment is achieved by winding the mainspring through the keyless work of the gear train. 3 Balance wheel: It is also called the center wheel. It derives it power from the mainspring through a set of gears. It plays a very important role for time-keeping in the mechanical watch, because it oscillates periodically. In other words, each of its swings has equal time movement. 4 Escapement system: It pushes the balance wheel in every swing in order to sustain the swinging. It stops the balance wheel periodically, so as to allow the periodic movement of the clock gears.

The ticking sound familiar with the mechanical watches is generated when the gear train is momentarily stopped by the escapement system. 5 The dial: it is the face of the mechanical watch on which the three clock hands rotates. The hour hand moves after the minute hand has made 12 revolutions. This is achieved by a gearing system (termed as the motion work) achieving a 12-1 reduction of the motion from the cannon pinion. While the minute hand is attached to the cannon pinion, the hour hand is attached to the motion work. Therefore, the mechanical system basically achieves the function of transferring the mainspring movements into circular movements on the three hands of the tag heuer replica watch. These hands move over the face of the watch which is calibrated to enable reading of time by the user.
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